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Happy New Year from Dr Haley & Atlantic Adult & Pediatric Medicine!

Happy New Year, Atlantic Adult & Pediatric Medicine Family!

We hope you have remained safe and warm in this snowy welcome to the new year.

As we see COVID cases increasing at an astronomical rate in the state, we have a few reminders of our services we wanted to share:

COVID TESTING- is available daily at 2pm at our office in the parking lot. You must have an appointment, call when you arrive for testing – do not enter the building. We are using rapid tests for symptomatic individuals and PCR tests for asymptomatic/exposed persons. You may be required to have a telemedicine or phone visit with one of our clinicians before your test so we can review treatment options that are best for you. At this time, we are only offering this to our current patients due to limited testing resources.

COVID VACCINES- we have Pfizer vaccines available. Please get your primary vaccine series and booster done as soon as possible. The majority of our COVID infected individuals are those unvaccinated or who have not had a booster yet. Please get protected with the vaccine as soon as possible. Other vaccine appointments can be found at

AFTER HOURS- Please call us first before going to the ER or walk-in! We have a clinician on call 24/7 that can be reached by calling the office and following the prompts. We have same-day appointments available every day. We respond to our portal messages regularly. The ER, walk-ins, and hospitals are in a dire situation. We each can do our part to help them by calling your primary doc first.

CHRONIC CARE MANAGEMENT- Jessica Huston, PA-C has joined our team as a resource to help with your health goals in-between your regular office visits. Chronic care management helps you focus on your health goals by making a specific, do-able care plan for each health goal. Dr Haley and Jessica will design your care plan together and Jessica will coordinate routine check-ins with you on your progress. Examples of chronic care management include improving your diabetes control with lifestyle changes under the guidance of our team, stabilizing your congestive heart failure, support managing or coordinating multiple specialists care and multiple medications. While this is care we are routinely providing, Jessica serves as a resource to dive deeper into your health goals and improve your overall wellness! If you’re interested in learning more about Chronic Care Management, please discuss it with your clinician at your next office visit or send a message on the portal.

We are focused on keeping our community well this winter. We encourage you to get vaccinated, wear your mask in public areas, nourish your body with plenty of water, veggies and fruits, nourish your mind with good sleep and moments of gratitude.

Be well,

Dr Haley & the AAPM team

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23 de ago. de 2023

Would love to see your website updated with the current team information including Dr. Lisa Bartels and Bridget.


Michelle Forsberg
Michelle Forsberg
13 de jan. de 2022

you are great doctor so glad you have as patient thanks finley jones

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